Saint Paul and Religion tourism

More and more people are travelling and looking for religion tourism, Greece is right place for that. 

One of the oldest jewish places in southeast Europe, Catholic Churches and Orthodox churches and monasteries, that is Greece. One of the most important person in religion tourism in Greece was Saint Paul.Apostle_Pauls_journeyspng

Saint Paul visited Greece, Turkey and rest of his life lived in Rome in Italy, exactly these tree countries are the right choice to visit them with combined tours.
House of Virgin Mary and seven churches in Turkey. Corinth, Athens, Thessaloniki, Patmos, Philipi, Veria in Greece and Rome in Italy, the most popular places of Saint Paul, what you can discover with us. Send us email for more informations.

Greece is place of Orthodox monasteries in Meteora, Ramationes jewish synagogue in Ioannina, Catholic and Ortodox churches and small orthodox priest state Atos.