Terms, Policies & Gift vouchers

Terms, Policies and Gift voucher

  • Payments is paid after the invoice from DESTINYcfu travel agency. Payments can be provided cash, to the bank account, pay by debit/ kredit card.
  • For the tours and the trips is 100 % payment on the reservation. The programs are fix with fly and bus companies that decide the departures and arrivals for first and last day of the excursions, tours or trips. Changing the name of the hotel, apartment, program or tour guide will be informed by the Office DESTINYcfu.
  • Do not know, what to give like present for nameday, birthdays or weddings? Enjoy our gift voucher
  • Groups and teambuildings. For each group we offer you from 10 to 15 % discounts. For more informations do not hesitate to contact us on sale@destinycfu.com
  • Cancellation: One day or half day excursion  is possible to cancell untill 48 hours before the excursion free of charge. The trips, the tours and the excursion, which will be cancelled at least 3 days before the date will be 10 % of the package and less than 3 days will be 50 %  from the package.