Tours on the Greek Islands



Explore island Corfu with our tours, guiding tours, private tours, special tours for groups, sighseeing tours. We are able to prepare the tours for your own programm, for your own wish for half day, full day or more days.

Choose one of our tour:

  • Paxos- Antipaxos - the island of Poseidon with caves and white beaches. Paxos island is the 20th most beautiful isalnd in the world and Antipaxos is 10th most beautiful island in the world. Enjoy lovely day on the boat with exploring these 2 islands and clear water. Every day during the summer season from 09.00-19.00 or 10.30-18.00.
  • Parga-Paxos - Parga is lovely place in greek mainland with white houses and red roofs. This trip is for everybody, who want to explore nice cities such as Parga and after Gaios, the Capital of Paxos island. Every wednesday and sunday from 09-19.00. 
  • Island tour with the best hightlights on Corfu- Palace of Empress Elizabeth, Corfu town, Paleokastritza, Bella vista view, farytale around Vlacherna monastery and Mouse island. On request- please inform us about the date, when you want to go. Usually 08.30-17.30
  • Corfu by night - explore Corfu town - the all historical part of Cambiello and Mouragia. Corfu town is written in UNESCO heritage. Every day 17.00/18.00-21.00
  • Paleokastritza - Enjoy place of Odyssea and Nausika with old monastery, caves and beaches. Trip on request. 
  • Durrel story- Enjoy places of Gerald and Laurence Durrel, you will have possibility to see their house and explore places from their books. And see the places from TV Show Durrells on Corfu. On request.
  • Movie tours- see the places from the movies- Going to Jupiter with Belmondo, Roger Moore in James Bond For your eyes only, Durrells
  • Albania - Explore Saranda city and archeological place Butrinti, the most visiting place in Albania. Every day except monday. 9.00-19.00
  • Meteora - monesteries in greek mainland, you will have possibility to visit 3 monasteries and  district of Kalambaka. Days on request.
  • Ioannina + Dodoni- city of greek mainland and archeological place, excursion in Greek mainland with possibility of exploring the city of Ali Pasha and one of the oldest archeological place.
  • Bari - explore italian city of Puglia district with the famous Church Saint Nicolas and interesting historical center. On request.
  • Monastery tours- explore spirit of Ortodox churches and monasteries on Corfu island- on request
  • Parga - Sivota - exploring greek maitland with swimming in clear water of Blue lagon
  • Sisi on Corfu- half day tour about the life of Empress Elisabeth from Austria. On request.
  • Royals on Corfu- half day tour with visiting the most imnportant places of the Royals on Corfu- such as Prince Phillip,  Emperor Wilhem II, Empress Elisabet from Austria and British Lords.
  • Golf- every day during summer season
  • Diving- on request
  • Corfu Town by speed boat - on request
  • Horse Riding- on request
  • Wine tours- explore the history of greek wine and wineary on Corfu island during the tours -  1.5 hour or 3 hours tour
  • Aquarium tickets Paleokastritza- daily
  • Athens by plane, enjoy the capital of Greece and walk through Acropolis
  • Olive oil tours
  • Ventian Corfu- explore the city from the period of Venetian with amazing balconies, forts, small streets and Casanova period. 
  • Cooking lessons- daily
  • Santorini- on request
  • Wild animals tour. The tour is on request, where you can find more informations about local wild life with professional Biologist. Enjoy Flamingos, different kinds of Reptiles or Insect. 
  • The most interesting tour there is Navagio. The old shipwreck. You can enjoy the half day private tour to the shipwreck and the capital of Zante.
  • Boat trip to the Island of Turtles Caretta Caretta 
  • Private tours to Oia and Fira
  • Catamaran trip
  • Hot spring and vulcano
  • Private tour to Pyrgos and Profitis Ilias
  • Private tour to the Rhodes old Town, where you can see the place of previous Rhodes Colosus, port Colona and historical fortification of the Rhodes Town
  • Tour to Symi island
  • Private tour to Xora, the capital and to the beaches or monastery of the island
  • Tour to Delos island