Wedding in Greece, Italy or Slovakia


Are you looking for right place for your day of your life? Wedding on the beach? Wedding on mountains? Wedding in the castle? Wedding on countryside?


  • romantic wedding
  • adventure wedding
  • style wedding
  • mysterious wedding
  • hippie style wedding
  • back to nature wedding
  • back to tribes wedding
  • history style wedding
.........UP TO YOU.........


    wedding dress, wedding clothes, wedding cake, accessories, rings, shoes, make-up & hair, place, restaurant, food, sweets, presents, invitation,
    photographer, music, cameraman, catering, hotel, cars, transfers, flowers, decoration ..... all in our hands

    The only, what you can not leave in our hands is to bring us the documentation for wedding. 
    Most of the most countries of European Union have the documentation in multilanguage documentation with all the languages of European union. If your country do not offer you this possibility, than you have to translate all the documentation. About the documentation is really important to decide, if you want to make civil wedding or religion wedding. Before your decision of the wedding, we would happy, if you will contact us and to check together your documentation to be everything prepare.
    If you are from the country of European Union, you need to bring photocopy of passport or ID and marriage license. We recomend you to bring as well Birth certificate. 
    If you are from the country of Commonwealth, you need to bring the photocopy of the passport, single status certificate and Birth certificate translated. For USA citizent you need to bring the same such as Commonwealth, but as well you need to bring marriage licence. 
    If you come from the country, which need VISA for traveling, than you need to make the copies of VISA as well.

The right wedding planner for you 

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"Where  is love, there is life"